With 10 years of experience as a massage therapist, whose most recent experience was at the world-renowned Mandarin Oriental Spa NYC, her expertise in body restoration and pain management techniques continue to expand and excel.

Our clinical integrative bodywork studio places focus on the individual’s particular needs to achieve an effective bodywork session. All treatments emphasize effective restorative bodywork with pain management techniques.

Treatments are described as therapeutic as the depth of pressure is a unique sensation based on individual perception. Although depth is one element in clinical bodywork there are various techniques and approaches we apply to the body to achieve relaxation, restoration, muscle tension release/trigger point release, or stress relief.

“Its not how deep you go, it’s how you go deep” -Ida Rolf

Carmen embraces traditional, modern, global bodywork, spiritual beliefs, and practices to better serve the person who chooses to receive bodywork from her.

We offer exceptional bodywork for every BODY.


Professional Licenses and Professional Affiliations

Certifications include: